Sunday, May 10, 2009

Check this out!

Ok so Cory is gone Jessica is asleep and I have been blog hopping! I found this awesome site run by two amazing women I know from weScrap. Its called Creative Crafts and Stickers CCAS for short. I don't know why it took me so long to find it but I am glad I did. Today is Sketchy Sunday and instead of just posting the sketch they made it into a puzzle. You actually have to put the pieces together to see the sketch. I did the medium one but if you really want a challenge try the hard one which you can find here on there blog!
Each day they have something cool for you like Font Friday and Tutorial Thursday. I really think you will like it so go check it out!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

pictures of stuff

ok well I ended up in the Urgent care with my Daughter on Thursday night so I didnt get this posted. It turns out she has strep again! so I had to stay home with her yesterday so again I didnt post but she is napping right now so I have a few moments to get this up for you all to oh and ah over :)
Friday my secret pal swap box showed up and I was so excited here all all the goodies I got in there

there was a thing of chip board letters that didnt make it into the picture but you get the idea.
Here are the goodies I got at the used stamp sale all this for $33!
and this is all the other fun stuff I got...

now the red card holder the blue paper holder the little owl stamp and the mini album were all gifts with purchase. The toddler book was one of the door prizes but the lady who won it doesnt scrapbook or have any toddlers around so when she saw Jessica and I she walked over and gave it to me. I had an awesome time and I got to do some great make and takes too. Luckily we ran into my MIL and she watched Jessica while Andrea and I did a couple of the make and takes. I thought that was supper nice of her.
One of the event activities was an ATC swap anyone could bring 25-30 ATCs to swap with others. I had no time to make any. I love looking at what other people do so when ever I came across someone wearing the I swap pin I would ask to see what they had made. Several ladies were so kind and they gave me one of there cards. I made sure to get everyones address so I could send them one I made in the mail. well here are some of the ones I finished

I think they came out really cool.
Now for my final show and tell I completed a page for my BOM. Gasp! I know its been forever. Well actually its been 9 weeks since I did the last one but here is week 14 life lessons. Now only 8 more to make up until they post the new one Monday lol

so now I am off to plan birthday invitations for Jessica's first birthday on the 24th Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I won!

Do you remember the NSD Blog Hop I told you about? Well I won a $20 gift certificate from Magistical Memories
I am so happy because they have some really awesome laser cut chipboard and the prices are really reasonable. I had actually just placed an order so now I can wait a bit for the new stuff to come out.

Here are some of the latest pages and stuff I have created

I have pictures of my NSD shopping finds and I will upload them tomorrow I got a ton of cool stuff this weekend so come back and check it out!