Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Stitches

First things first...The pictures suck I know that my camera is being fixed and so I had to use the little snappy so as soon as my other camera gets back I will retake the pictures!

Now gather your supplies, you will need:
a permanent marker
a piece of acetate (I use left over pieces of transparency paper from work)
a piercing tool (a push pin will work just fine)
a mouse pad or piece of cardboard
the design you would like to stitch (this could be a print out, a piece of chipboard, a stamp...)
Needle and thread

Start with your acetate over your desired design and grab your marker.

Trace your design like in the picture below with the marker.

Once the whole thing is traced use your piercing tool to punch holes in the acetate. It doesn't have to be perfect that is part of the charm. Remember to put a mouse pad or piece of cardboard underneath first. You are done creating your template. It will look like this.

Place your layout on top of the mouse pad or piece of cardboard then place your template on top of that in the area you want your stitching. Hold down with one hand firmly while you punch holes with the other. Make sure to go in the holes you created when making your template and you may need to push the piercing tool a little harder depending on the # of layers you are going through.
Once your holes are in the layout thread your needle and go to town! Here is a layout using this template.

For my smile page I traced one of the flowers from the red pattern paper to create the template for the red flower on the bottom right corner.

Finally, here is an example of a very detailed template. I got the tree body from a 2 piece foam tree stamp.

I hope you enjoy creating your own templates! Please feel free to ask questions or ask for clarification or better examples. I would also love to see what you come up with so share your pages with me and a picture of your template inspiration piece. There might just be an RAK for one lucky follower :)

New Blog

My friend Lynnette has started a new Blog Called Candy Shoppe Designs.

It is set to launch in September but there is a fun pre-challenge to help us pass the time. Check it out, and when you do, leave a message for her and tell her I sent you :)

Now I told you all I have been busy so I thought I would share some of my new pages and projects with you.
This is the ATC I made for the SBB era atc swap

This one is made form scraps from another lo.

This was for a challenge my friend Kathy is hosting over at Croppin Paradise

and this is for the DT call over at Scrapfreak

Lots of people have asked how I get the different designs stitched like the flower in this lay out. Well I have a How-to in the works and will be back to post it in bit :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just found this cool site

Thanks to my friend Sarah's blog I just found this cool site called Image Chef. You can create these awesome word mosaics like the one here
I plan to make this into an art piece for my scrap room.
I also found out that you can create your own license plate on the site too!
Can you tell I have some time on my hands lol Guess I should head out to my scrap room.

June News

First things first... SCHOOL'S OUT!!!!!! Finally. I was so busy trying to wrap up the school year I wasnt having much fun scrapping but great things were happening.

1. I won the 8.5 X 11 category in the PageMaps Anniversary contest. The page is featured in the June Newsletter which you can download till the end of the month on there website. But here it is so you can see it right away.
2. I am a Creative Chick this week at the Creative Crafts and Stickers Blog. Every day brings something new so check back all week.
3. I am working on my pages for my guest spot on the Category Stories Blog. I cant tell you anymore so check it out on July 1st!
4. I have been doing the Northern Lights Quilt Shop Hop this week and I hope to visit the last 6 of 17 shops this week. (Yes, I quilt too :) )
5. I am working on these fun 1950s Pin Up Girl ATC's so I hope you will come back here later this week to get a glimpse.
Have a great week!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Check this out!

Ok so Cory is gone Jessica is asleep and I have been blog hopping! I found this awesome site run by two amazing women I know from weScrap. Its called Creative Crafts and Stickers CCAS for short. I don't know why it took me so long to find it but I am glad I did. Today is Sketchy Sunday and instead of just posting the sketch they made it into a puzzle. You actually have to put the pieces together to see the sketch. I did the medium one but if you really want a challenge try the hard one which you can find here on there blog!
Each day they have something cool for you like Font Friday and Tutorial Thursday. I really think you will like it so go check it out!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

pictures of stuff

ok well I ended up in the Urgent care with my Daughter on Thursday night so I didnt get this posted. It turns out she has strep again! so I had to stay home with her yesterday so again I didnt post but she is napping right now so I have a few moments to get this up for you all to oh and ah over :)
Friday my secret pal swap box showed up and I was so excited here all all the goodies I got in there

there was a thing of chip board letters that didnt make it into the picture but you get the idea.
Here are the goodies I got at the used stamp sale all this for $33!
and this is all the other fun stuff I got...

now the red card holder the blue paper holder the little owl stamp and the mini album were all gifts with purchase. The toddler book was one of the door prizes but the lady who won it doesnt scrapbook or have any toddlers around so when she saw Jessica and I she walked over and gave it to me. I had an awesome time and I got to do some great make and takes too. Luckily we ran into my MIL and she watched Jessica while Andrea and I did a couple of the make and takes. I thought that was supper nice of her.
One of the event activities was an ATC swap anyone could bring 25-30 ATCs to swap with others. I had no time to make any. I love looking at what other people do so when ever I came across someone wearing the I swap pin I would ask to see what they had made. Several ladies were so kind and they gave me one of there cards. I made sure to get everyones address so I could send them one I made in the mail. well here are some of the ones I finished

I think they came out really cool.
Now for my final show and tell I completed a page for my BOM. Gasp! I know its been forever. Well actually its been 9 weeks since I did the last one but here is week 14 life lessons. Now only 8 more to make up until they post the new one Monday lol

so now I am off to plan birthday invitations for Jessica's first birthday on the 24th Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I won!

Do you remember the NSD Blog Hop I told you about? Well I won a $20 gift certificate from Magistical Memories
I am so happy because they have some really awesome laser cut chipboard and the prices are really reasonable. I had actually just placed an order so now I can wait a bit for the new stuff to come out.

Here are some of the latest pages and stuff I have created

I have pictures of my NSD shopping finds and I will upload them tomorrow I got a ton of cool stuff this weekend so come back and check it out!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

winner and other random stuff

And the winner of the be my lab partner contest is Tessah! Congratulations, I used but didn't know how to get my results to post so you will just have to take my word for it lol :)
Tessah send me your email so I can get you the pass code.
I have been really busy but here are some of my latest layouts

I have a few more but they arent uploaded yet so will share next time.
If I don't write before Sat. Hapy National Scrapbook Day!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Check this out!

I was checking out some blogs tonight and found this awesome giveaway:
this is a picture of all the stuff you can win

the pack includes-
~Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo Paper Crafting Kit
~Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo Blackboard
~Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo Ribbon
~Basic Grey Offbeat Glazed Brads
~Ranger Clear Super Fine Embossing Powder
~American Crafts White Chipboard Thickers
~Pink Paislee Pop Fashion Borders
~Daisyd’s Sweet Baby Jane 8x8 Cardstock Pad
~Prima Clear Paintables
~Fiskars Medium Circle Squeeze Punch
~Adirondack Watermelon Paint Dabber
~Prima Crystal Flourish
~Basic Grey Urban Prairie Rub-on
~Plus more!
so check it out

I also found this blog hop that will be taking place starting May 1st and going through May 3rd.
there should be lots of prizes. I will be my first but should be fun the hop starts here-

Tonight I finished a page for the DT challenge on weScrap. Only its too late to get a good picture so I will post it tomorrow.
See you then!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Focus

Well Addicted to Scrap is going to be getting a new focus. My origional intent with this site was to have it be an organizational inspiration site but there was an issue with my personal blog and therefor I had to make it private and by invite only (if you would like to be invited please let me know, I just need an email address). So this will now become my place to share my recent layouts and crafting. I hope that you will all join me in the new Addicted to scrap adventure. Sign up as a follower leave me a comment and I will add your name to a drawing to be my lab partner for the new Jessica Sprague Scrapbook Alchemy class I registered for tonight. Already a follower just leave me a comment and I will add you to the drawing too! You have until Monday April 28th!
Just for fun here is a poem I created for a game at a recent online crop at Croppin Paradise you had to make an acrostic poem using the word spring

Scrapbooking is my
Remembering all the
Intimate details by creating
New pages for my ever
Growing albums

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Next Steps

The last time I left you... oh so long ago... I got you to the point where you sorted all your pictures and were ready to store them. Here is what my pictures looked liek before I sorted them

What a mess! It might look like they are all nice and neat but they were all mixed up and some were still in those envelopes that we get them back from the developer in.
After a long evening I had them sorted into some main categories:
Then a bunch of little groups like:
High School
Art Photography
Nature Photography

Now, I used several types of storage to keep my photos organized at this point. I did this because it is what I had available.
When picking a storage type you need to stick with something you can afford, something you have space for, and something you are comfortable with. There are many brands and types of options out there. For my numerous small groupings of photos I was lucky to have a Power Sort Box from Creative Memories. It has many awesome features but aside from being totally photo safe its major selling point for me was the 2,400 5x7 pictures it can hold! Thats a lot of pictures so I have some room to grow. The Power Sort Mini is what I used for Jessica's pictures. Why so small you ask? I have been really good about printing and scrapbooking the pictures right away so I didn't have too much to store there. The rest are in photo storage boxes I got for around $3 at Walmart. All are labeled with the pictures inside and ready to scrap when the need arises. My travel pictures for our trips to Mexico are in 2 Pioneer Photo Albums. I did that because my husband likes to look at those often. At least they are protected while still being easy to look at until I get those albums finished that is.
Like I said there are many companies that make many different options. Cropper Hopper has a system, the Container store had a nice one but it was a bit spendy for my taste and when you add shipping to that it wasn't an option for my budget anymore.
You should have a good idea not that things have been sorted as to how many containers you need. Look around decide what works for you and your good to go.
What system are you using? What are the pros? Do you not like the system you have at the moment? Why? Share with us what you think and what you use. As a final note here is my new and improved photo center in my scrap room.

this center is located right behind where I stand at my craft table so it is really easy to get to the photos I need when I need it.
Here is a close up of just the photo section

If you have pictures too please share with us by adding a link in the comments section too. Cant wait to hear/see your progress!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New month to try again

Well I had no idea that February was going to turn out like it did so my good intentions of writing twice a week didn't come to be. March, however is a new month and I am excited to finish us up with pictures and move on to another topic so I will be back tomorrow with a post on photo organization. I will devote the rest of this week to getting that wrapped up and then. I will announce our next topic. I only found one person who did our challenge so I will send a special gift to Sarah for her beautiful layout

I hope you will all hang in there with me I promise this month will be better!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here we go!

I went to work and emailed my post to myself so I could get it to you guys I am so excited to get started.

The biggest problem with photo organization is that by the time you realize you need help, you've got more photos than you know what to do with.

We are going to take this slow and step by step. Even if you only spend 15 min a day on it you will get somewhere. The thing that is most important to remember is to have fun with it! Turn on some music sit back and get ready to walk down memory lane. We will start with step 1 and 2 for this weekend and I will add more on Monday’s post. That way you have plenty of time to do it in a way that will work for you for years to come. I am no expert! I have done research for this and this is what I have culled from all my reading and observing. I am doing this project with you and as I go I might have to change my way of thinking, but that is all part of the process.

Step one- Collect

For this step you will need a big container to collect all your photos in. Walk from room to room putting all your wayward pictures in the container. I know that I have mini photo albums in the living room, photos and photo packs in the dining room and even more photos spread out all over me scrap room in various states of organization.

Did you know that most processing envelopes are not acid free and can actually ruin your pictures? Before you move on to step two, it is important to remove all your photos from the processing envelopes. If you have date or subject information that needs to be transferred before you toss the envelopes use an acid free photo safe marker or pencil. I have the $2 photo labeling pencil from Creative Memories. They are photo safe, permanent on the back of your photos, and the soft lead wont damage or dent the photo when you write on them. I have a bunch of photos of my husband fishing when he was younger and someone used a black pen to label the backs of the pictures. The ink smeared onto each photo behind the ones that were written on so some of them are now ruined and will have to be recopied and or reprinted if I wan to use them in a scrapbook or frame them for display.

Step two- Sort & Purge

Now that you have all the pictures in one place you can decide what to keep and what to pass on, display, or toss. First, take some time to look at the pictures. Let the memories come flooding back. You should have a note pad next to you during this time. As you look at the pictures you might get ideas for pages, or you might want to right down your memories or thoughts as they come back to you at this moment. Take your time but don’t go off scrapping just yet, right down your ideas for later. As you look through them is there a theme you notice? For example, I would probably notice pictures of my daughter and pictures from vacations, and then I would have pictures from college and my wedding.

This is the time to start thinking as you are going threw them as to how you want them grouped. Do you want them chronological by year, do you want them in subject groupings, or do you want them by projects? It’s all up to you and your preference. If you are having a hard time deciding how to sort, think about how you scrapbook. Do you do it in year order or do you have specific albums for special events or vacations? I have an album for each vacation, one for our honeymoon and one for our wedding. When it comes to my daughter I have one that is of her and another one is for her first year with only a picture for each month. For me sorting by subject is going to work the best and then I can put them in order chronologically after that. In the Winter 2008 Special Edition of Memory Makers Magazine, Get Organized! Debbie Hodge lists 6 categories you can use to sort your photos. They include events, moments, yourself, everyday life, collections and your world. As we go threw we will also know what we want to keep and what we want to toss. Not every picture has to be perfect to keep but if you have no idea what it is, can’t make anything out, or are wondering why the heck you took it then just toss it. Do you have duplicates? I know that sometimes I order the same picture in different sizes because I don’t know how I want to work it on my page or I order them in black and white and color so I can try both and see what works the best on my layout. Put the duplicates in a separate pile. You can use these as gifts, create cards or mini albums, display them in the house or give them to people who might what a photo from that event. Later in the month we will talk more about neat ways you can display the photos in your home or projects you can create with your photos.

As I was working on this I was reminded of a friend of mine. She lost her brother several years back and has had a hard time with the loss. When we started talking scrapbooking, back when we were becoming friends, she was so not ready to work on anything with her brother in it yet that was the only scrapbook she had. I told her that when she was ready she would know and not to push it. As I shared my pages with her she started to get ideas of things she wanted to try on pages and eventually she started to scrap those pictures of her brother. This didn’t happen overnight it took a long time. One day she came and told me thank you for supporting her. I told her I didn’t do anything and she said that not forcing her to deal with such a hard thing and letting her choose when she was ready to move forward was what she needed. Why do I bring this up? Well, during this project you will come across pictures you might not want to deal with right now and that is ok. Put them in a special box and set it aside. When you are ready you will know and then you can decide how you want to move forward. It will be tempting to dwell on them and maybe let your self feel overwhelmed by them, but don’t let those difficult pictures keep you from all the other ones that need your attention as well. Someday you will be ready to deal with them and if today is not the day then that is OK!

Before I go off down memory lane I have some links you might be interested in:

Creative Memories Photo Care: Ideas for taking care of your photos so they last.

Creative Memories Disaster Photo Recovery: How to salvage your photos after a disaster

Creative Memories Heritage Photos: A time line of photo history. It talks about the different types of pictures you might be lucky enough to have in your collection.

Memory Makers Magazine Organizing Labels: A small photo index card is included, as well as a what is in this box label.

I look forward to hearing and seeing your progress! Make sure you take before and after pictures to share with us, just including a link with your post. If you have any questions comments or ah-ha moments make sure you let us know. Keep working on your challenge layouts and I will talk to you all again on Monday.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I am sad to say that technical difficulties are going to keep me from posting tonight. I spent my lunch hour typing it all up so I could just post when I got home but my computer has decided not to read my flash anymore :(
I will have to go into work tomorrow and attempt to email the info to myself and try that way
so sorry for the delay!
Please check back tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Challenge Wednesday!

Welcome to challenge Wednesday!
Before I get to the challenge I would like to thank all of you who have stopped and left comments on your photo organization system or like me the lack there of.
I also thought I would share some interesting tidbits I have found while searching the web for ideas and tips to help us on our journey towards organization nirvana.
Did you know that back before digital the average person took about 1 roll of 24 pictures a month, and only about 7 of them were keepers. Now fast forward to the digital age and the fact that we can instantly see what we are taking, and retake pictures at will, until we get exactly what we want. Most of the pictures are keepers and we just keep snapping away. This is great for scrapbookers who want to share those moments in multi photo layouts but an organization nightmare. Now for the person who just takes pictures to remember an event but not do anything special with them is becoming swamped in images too. Later in the month we will talk more about digital photos but thought it was an interesting fact that only 7 out of 24 pictures are good enough to keep. That means we definitely need to sort and purge those old pictures.
Many people have mentioned through out the web that scrapbooking is a lot easier and quicker when you take time to sort and organize your photos. So know that you are not alone and that there will be an amazing light at the end of the tunnel.

Now for the challenge!
Your challenge this week is to use 3+ photos on a one page layout or 7+ photos on a 2 page layout. Best part is that, that is 3-7 less pictures you need to organize. The layout must be new as of today (2/4) and you need to add a link to your layout here for all to see and check out. Now it would be in your best interest to use old pictures but I am not saying they cant be new. Here are two examples I have for you

These are due by 11:59pm cst next Wednesday the 11th. Each challenge you complete puts your name in a drawing for a cool prize at the end of the month. I will post a picture of this months prize soon but all I will say for now is that it will help you to tame your photos at least a little.
At the end of the month I will also have a prize for the follower who participates the most so keep checking back and sharing your thoughts ideas and tips!

Next post will be on Friday and I will have a step by step plan for you to use to organize your photos based on my research this week.
See you then and I can't wait to see your layouts.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Photo Organization and a challenge!

Welcome to our first month at addicted to scrap. The theme for the month will be photo organization. The most important supply we have as scrapbookers are our photos. If you are like me you have them in many different stages of organization. I have some sorted in a Creative Memories Power Sort Box. I also have them in files that look like coupon organizers, the packages they came in from the developer, in sleeved photo albums and are you sitting down? I even have them just lying around unprotected in piles.
This month I will share tips and tricks that I know or have found and articles from the “experts.” In the coming weeks we will discuss specifics of keeping photos safe, organizing digital photos, and I will even post a layout challenge focused on our photos each Wednesday.
The discussion for this week is to share with us your current photo organization system. Let us know what is working for you and if you are at a loss let us know what it is you are having trouble with. There are no right or wrong answers and everyone is different but if we can help each other find a way to sort, organize and store our valuable photos then we are that much closer to our goal of preserving memories for future generations.

Friday, January 30, 2009

are you addicted?

Hi! My name is Melissa and I am a scrap addict. I have way too much stuff in a room way to small to hold it and I cant stop bringing in more!
I am starting this in the hopes that we can help each other, you know like a 12 step program. I will share my progress as well as tips and tricks to help us get organized. I will have a schedule of posts listed soon and if you would like any specific theme covered, like paper storage, flower storage etc. just let me know. We are in this together!