Monday, February 2, 2009

Photo Organization and a challenge!

Welcome to our first month at addicted to scrap. The theme for the month will be photo organization. The most important supply we have as scrapbookers are our photos. If you are like me you have them in many different stages of organization. I have some sorted in a Creative Memories Power Sort Box. I also have them in files that look like coupon organizers, the packages they came in from the developer, in sleeved photo albums and are you sitting down? I even have them just lying around unprotected in piles.
This month I will share tips and tricks that I know or have found and articles from the “experts.” In the coming weeks we will discuss specifics of keeping photos safe, organizing digital photos, and I will even post a layout challenge focused on our photos each Wednesday.
The discussion for this week is to share with us your current photo organization system. Let us know what is working for you and if you are at a loss let us know what it is you are having trouble with. There are no right or wrong answers and everyone is different but if we can help each other find a way to sort, organize and store our valuable photos then we are that much closer to our goal of preserving memories for future generations.


  1. This sounds great I am in need of organizing my photos, I have a box of older ones from my mom to do something with. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Great idea for a blog! I'm taking photo freedom this month just to get my photos under control!

  3. My photos were completly out of control for years, I never had the time to get a grip on them. But being home this last year, I have done a great job on getting them organized, and still working on the tail end of this project.
    I bought containers for all the catagories, and sorted the pictures into the container. Because I don't scrap all my pictures, I have started getting sleeved albums to put them all into, with a place to journal a bit about each picture.
    What I love is that when I do want to scrap someone or something in particular , now I don't have to hunt for what I am looking for, plus it will make it easy when I am gone, for the kids to divide up.
    It will take me probably to the end of this year to finish this project completly, but I am well on the way to being done. I also organize the new pictures immediately, so they don't start piling up.
    I'm really happy with my system...I have 50 years worth of photos, so this was a major undertaking.

  4. Mine are all digital, so I just store them in my pictures folder by date... seems helpful, and it is, but then you start to forget when you took the pics you're looking for, etc. It works for now, but makes me nervous thinking about what it will look like in a few years!


  5. What an awesome blog!! I too have sorted my photos from when I used to use film, into categories in photo boxes. These boxes are then kept under my desk out of the light in a cool place. Now that I use digital - I sort my photos into folders, by name, year, topic etc. This way I don't have to think too hard when I took them. I also store my negatives in folders, labelled incase I ever want to reprint old photos.

  6. Mine are currently in photo storage boxes, sorted by year (Each year gets its own box) and then within they box they are sorted by event in chronological order. It works for me!

  7. My photos are a mess as well. I do digital scrapbooking so I tried scanning them all...well that worked well until my scanner broke. Now I have about 1/3 of them scanned and the rest in photo boxes waiting to be scanned. I also have all of my mother's photos here as she wants me to scan them as well. They are sorted in the boxes by year they were taken and that is where they I can only scrapbook the years I have scanned and the other just sit waiting :( I have no idea what I am going to do with the actual photos as I don't have a clue how to paper scrapbook and can't afford the supplies to do so.