Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Challenge Wednesday!

Welcome to challenge Wednesday!
Before I get to the challenge I would like to thank all of you who have stopped and left comments on your photo organization system or like me the lack there of.
I also thought I would share some interesting tidbits I have found while searching the web for ideas and tips to help us on our journey towards organization nirvana.
Did you know that back before digital the average person took about 1 roll of 24 pictures a month, and only about 7 of them were keepers. Now fast forward to the digital age and the fact that we can instantly see what we are taking, and retake pictures at will, until we get exactly what we want. Most of the pictures are keepers and we just keep snapping away. This is great for scrapbookers who want to share those moments in multi photo layouts but an organization nightmare. Now for the person who just takes pictures to remember an event but not do anything special with them is becoming swamped in images too. Later in the month we will talk more about digital photos but thought it was an interesting fact that only 7 out of 24 pictures are good enough to keep. That means we definitely need to sort and purge those old pictures.
Many people have mentioned through out the web that scrapbooking is a lot easier and quicker when you take time to sort and organize your photos. So know that you are not alone and that there will be an amazing light at the end of the tunnel.

Now for the challenge!
Your challenge this week is to use 3+ photos on a one page layout or 7+ photos on a 2 page layout. Best part is that, that is 3-7 less pictures you need to organize. The layout must be new as of today (2/4) and you need to add a link to your layout here for all to see and check out. Now it would be in your best interest to use old pictures but I am not saying they cant be new. Here are two examples I have for you

These are due by 11:59pm cst next Wednesday the 11th. Each challenge you complete puts your name in a drawing for a cool prize at the end of the month. I will post a picture of this months prize soon but all I will say for now is that it will help you to tame your photos at least a little.
At the end of the month I will also have a prize for the follower who participates the most so keep checking back and sharing your thoughts ideas and tips!

Next post will be on Friday and I will have a step by step plan for you to use to organize your photos based on my research this week.
See you then and I can't wait to see your layouts.


  1. Melissa, very interesting tidbit about the rolls of film! Amazing how things have changed.
    For me, I am already swimming in digital photos and get overwhelmed by the amount I have on my system. I do have them sorted by year and by subject, but should probably go through and widdle them down some more, but the thought of it is daunting!
    Anyway, great blog you have started here...keep it up!

  2. WOW! Totally didn't know that about rolls of film. Great layouts, though, and great pictures!

  3. Yep that roll of film thing is so totally me. I have always taken tons of photos, I once took an almost "time-lapse" shot of a water show at Seaworld - I only actually used 3 of the 30 photos in the end layout *sad I know*

  4. Wow Melissa that is great info and kind of scary when you think about it...I was a horrible photographer back in the day, cutting people's heads off, always out of focus so I doubt I got 7 out of 24 pics :)

    Love your challenge and would love to play along...I do digital scrapbooking though is that okay?

  5. Very interesting blog! I'm definitely in for the challenge. I've been scrapping more than ever the past month. I hate organizing and I'm taking the library of memories class. I'm with you. the more I scrap the less I have to organize!

  6. Digi is ok! I am new to digital scrapbooking and I have done a couple hybrids too. So I will be looking into that storage as well!

  7. Great Info Melissa, this challenge should be pretty easy for me, I am a multi picture scrapper all ready

  8. I still kinda like using the roll film because you can see where you made some mistakes! lol, yeah, I'm weird. Great layouts! I love the 3 picture one!

  9. I don't even want to think about the number of photos I take. Great LO challenge, and great BLOG!

  10. great challenge! I like your layouts